Friday, December 22, 2006

Into The Blue - movie review

Into The Blue - starring Paul Walker & Jessica Alba. Paul with Jessica welcomed Paul's long time pal with his girlfriend tagging along too. Paul brought them for skin diving off the Bahamas Island's coast. Really fantastic underwater movie. Diving is my passion to but due to lack of partners, it's quite impossible to go for frequent dives back home at Malaysia's fantastic islands.

On one of the skin diving trips, the four of them discovered some artefacts that could be traced back to some sunken ships. Co-incidentally, they found an airplane with the pilots still strapped to their seatbelts, dead. On discovering further, they found nicely wrapped boxes of drugs in the plane. Due to greediness, these 2 friends took a boat trying to take those drugs for themselves. Unfortunately, they bumped into 2 groups of drug dealers who were looking for the stuff too.

See, don't be too greedy if it doesn't belong to you. Be contended with your life like Paul and Jessica. Paul was dragged into retrieving the goods as his friends were held captive. Not much of suspense but still a 'watchable' movie. To me it was good enough.
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