Monday, December 18, 2006

Grand Canyon Skywalk

When I received an email about this Grand Canyon Skywalk, I tried to verify it by searching the net for some reference (my usual way of blogging). I blogged about it on 29 Aug 2006 anyway as the construction idea was quite fascinating. Suddenly, I saw it in Yahoo! News lately.
The US$30 million Skywalk, is being financed by a Las Vegas businessman and set to open in March, has also ignited a debate among Hualapai elders (pronounced WALL-uh-pie) who question whether the prospect of riches is worth disturbing sacred ground. Under the plan, the Hualapais will own the Skywalk, but the businessman will collect up to half of the money from ticket sales for the next 25 years.

More details on the audacious feat of engineering for the Skywalk are available in Destination Grand Canyon, with site photos too.



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