Saturday, December 30, 2006

Borat / Red Eye - movie review

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Kenneth Davitian, Luenell, Pamela Anderson & Pat Haggerty. It's about this Kazakhstan famous TV presentor who is about to venture to USA to film a documentary about life in USA. A great big send off was given in his honour. His programme was to interview people in the New York City but while staying in his hotel room, he noticed a fabulous lady in bikini suit and he fell in love with her immediately. That TV series was Baywatch and it was Pamela Anderson that he loved.

He changed his programme to embark on a trip across USA from east to west (Los Angeles) to search for his loved one. The movie depicted his experience and life as he communicated and travelled along the main route to the west. Lots of sick jokes but some of the jokes were too much and it's meant to demean certain type of people on this earth. It's just a move but some people are very sensitive.

It's a real comedy, good laugh and in the end, he found out that his the lady of his life was not a pure lady after all. As pornography materials were easily found, he saw a sex scene with her in it. From then on, he lost his motivation. He lost a lot of money in his quest to look for Pamela Anderson. Eventually, he still wanted to meet her and found her having a autograph session for the release of a book. He frightened Pamela out of her life by chasing after her throughout the big supermarket. Borat did managed to catch a plane back according to his original schedule and found that life in his hometown back in Kazakhstan is still the best place with all his close friends.
This movie is banned in Malaysia, I supposed.

Red Eye - starring Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy & Brian Cox. Meeting up with people in the airport, with common interest and same flight schedule will generate lots of chit chats due to curiosity on each other's travel. As Rachel was boarding an airplane back to her workplace/place of stay, she met with this guy who so happened to be sitting besides her in the airplane. She later found that the man was following her and warned not to raise the alarm as her dad's life is in danger if she disobey his advise. She was instructed to change the room made available for the Deputy Secretary for the Homeland Secuirty to a higher floor penthouse.

This person is to be a target of a group of killers who were out fishing nearby. Only way for her to commute to the hotel to change the room is via the on-flight phone system. She tried to delay the call by faking it & hoping to pass info on the toilet's mirror but to no avail. It was a real tense situation in the movie. Upon landing the plane, she made a quick exit by stabbing her flight torturer with a pen on his throat area. She ran out to the airport lounge area and managed to steal a car and drove as quick as possible back to her house. Along the way, she made frantic call to her assistant to get the occupants out of the penthouse. Meantime, after noticing that the penthouse was occupied by security personnels in the penthouse, a guided missile was launched from the fishing boat straight to the seaside hotel blasting the whole penthouse away. All were safe in the nick of time.

Upon arriving her home, she noticed that a BMW outside her house was not occupied. She noticed a man about to intrude her house and she rammed her against that poor guy against her front door. Killed on the spot and her flight torturer made his way to her house in time too. Playing hide & seek and merry-go-round all the time for quite some time. This is the part where is everyone was quiet and worried for her too...............ending??? It's a good it!
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