Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kenyan 'Miracle Baby' Pastor Held

Weird things sure to happen somewhere around the world. That's the reason for naming my blog as such "Life's Happenings". When I did a general search on that same blog name via Google Search, to my surprise there are a few blogs which has similar blog name too.

While reading the BBC News/Africa, came across this news on a so-called Pastor using religion to camouflage his misdeeds. Apparently, Gilbert Deya, a Kenyan evangelist who claimed to have created miraculous pregnancies through the power of prayer has been arrested in London by British police. What superpowers! I don't doubt that God could perform something beyond our belief but in Kenya itself, DNA tests showed that 20 babies were not related to women claiming to be their mothers that were supposed to have conceived after being prayed over by Gilbert Deya.

Kenyan authorities said their investigation revolves around the disappearance of babies from Nairobi's Pumwani Maternity Hospital. It was after the arrest of his wife, Mary, in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, that exposed Gilbert. She arrived at a hospital with a newborn baby to which she claimed to have given birth, but doctors who examined Mrs Deya, aged 57 at the time, said her claim of recently having given birth was false. (source: BBC News/Africa)

How true is the above report or claim? More about Gilbert's 'ministry' can be found in his website, Welcome to Gilbert Deya Ministries. After going through the website, there are conflicting statement 1 and conflicting statement 2 made by Gilbert Deya on his wife's pregnancy. A conspiracy theory that is being put up by the Kenyan police??? In his website, the Kenyan police has bribed many people to conceal the truth on his wife's birth and has hid his wife and the baby boy in unknown places till his family/relatives/lawyers could not locate. Date of birth was on 10 Sept 2005.

I'm confused.

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