Saturday, December 23, 2006

Five-Star Luxury Loo

A new five-star, ladies' toilet is about to open with a £5 entry fee. The luxury powder room, called WC 1, aims to offer the most glamorous comfort break imaginable for time-poor, cash-rich shoppers and busy career women. There's a reception area; relaxing music plays in each of the 19 cubicles and, with the thoughtful installation of "considerate lighting".

The 4,000 sq ft central London sanctuary will have a bouncer on the door to prevent overcrowding and will provide hair dryers, straightening irons, high-end toiletries and cubicles vast enough for patrons to change into a ball gown, if necessary. Beyond the cubicles, there is a sumptuous marble-floored powder room with huge mirrors and super-comfortable vanity stools. Every possible toilette emergency has been considered in the £1 million fit and everything from spare tights to toothbrushes to make-up kits and aromatherapy oils will be on sale.

Visitors with more than a few moments and a little more cash to spare can also have a mini-makeover or a restorative hand or foot massage. At WC 1, each loo is air-conditioned and is sterilised after every use so that it is pristine for every visitor. (source: Telegraph UK)
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