Saturday, December 23, 2006

Trip Down South III

You must be wondering whether this is the longest road above the sea by now..... there should be some rainfall over the last few days here and there's water ponding now. The weird thing is that seepage of water into the land over here takes quite some time. Tough land. One lonely tree.....must be the toughest of all trees
Out of nowhere along the main road down south, this mosque sprang up. Right after this mosque is a major town called Rabak (I think this is how they spelt it).
Can't take a closer picture than this on the Nile River at the far end of the land. Yeah, the Nile River runs paralel to this main road right down to the project site.
Main mode of transport, kids can 'drive' over here.
It's not an army camp, it's a village itself.
To be continued

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