Sunday, December 10, 2006

Activities on Friday Weekend

On Friday itself, it was half day work as it was a Friday weekend for Sudan. Sudan, being a muslim country, fixed Friday as its weekend (like Sundays to many other parts of the world). The few of us were quite relaxed in the afternoon and lazy too. Went out to a supermarket to buy some foodstuff for our lunch/dinner (good enough for next 4 days). I bought fresh milk, biscuits, strawberry yogurt and a pint of Haagen Dazs Vanilla Pecan flavour ice-cream which cost me Sudanese Dinar 2,500 (US$11++ equivalent ). Expensive???

We missed our lunch time and only started preparing for our meal at about 4pm. By the time we finished cooking it was already 6pm. Time for dinner!! 5 guys prepared a lamb soup, a plate o lf vegies & By late nite itself, I don't feel quite good and it could be due to too much of the lamb soup. True enough, on the next morning, my whole head was spinning with migraine setting in. Can't move myself much as my head being pounded hard. Lied down on bed restlessly and managed to get up by 10.30am and took a real cold shower (during Sudan's winter period).

Thought it could cool my body down but to no avail. It bugged me for the whole down though much lesser prior to the cold bath. Had simple lunch of sambal anchovies with chicken soup and white rice. Tried to concentrate on my work but hard. A good night came as I watched Man Utd beat Man City in the Manchester derby with a 3-1 results in Man Utd's favour. Went out for a dinner with 4 colleagues at a Malaysian-owned restaurant and ordered a mee mamak with teh tarik that cost me Sudanese Dinar 1,400 (US$6.80 equivalent). Sat down to chit chat while relaxing in the cool atmosphere and suddenly my migraine left me. ahhhhhhhhh what a nice feeling. It was nibbling me the whole night.
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10 December, 2006 16:06  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Thought I would do the same too and its always nice to know more people. I am currently suffering from cough and sore throat, and it has been bugging me for at least 2 months or so too. The viruses nowadays are pretty strong and both TCM and modern medicine has done little. Well, hopefully my holiday to Hokkaido (starting tonight) will help make it better.


10 December, 2006 16:06  

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