Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crank - movie review

Crank – starring Jason Statham, Amy Smart & Efren Ramirez. The movie started with Jason being drugged with a deadly potion that has 1 hour time limit. He found that the moment he slowed down in movement, his heart slowed down too. In order for his heart to keep pumping, he tried to find the solution for his situation. As the clock ticks, he has to track down the notorious group responsible for his situation in order to obtain the antidote.

In the process, he almost damaged the whole city. Driving a car through a shopping mall with police tailing him; hunted viciously for the gang members; a shoot-out between a Chinese gang and the notorious group; these are the things that kept his heart pumping. Full of adrenalin and filled with violent scenes too. If you dislike blood, well, this movie is quite gory. Though it’s full of actions, I don’t find the movie interesting enough as it centred into Jason’s character only. The story line is quite flat and you won’t fall asleep if you have your loudspeakers on.
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