Monday, December 04, 2006

Casino Royale - movie review

Casino Royale – starring Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Mads Mikkelsen & Eva Green. Managed to download this new movie and watched it with a colleague. Much awaited James Bond movie with a new guy taking the James Bond role. Throughout the film, we didn’t quite hear James Bond addressing himself as “Bond, James Bond” which was his trademark name. The movie started off with James going after a suspect and chased him through the busy streets of a city in Madagascar into an embassy located nearby. Killing that suspect in the embassy drew wide criticism from his lady boss. His next mission was off to Nassau of Bahamas to tail a guy suspected of illegal trading of arms.

James was to stop another guy from blowing up (with an oil tanker truck) a new aeroplane which was being lauched (similar to the Airbus A380 size). Not much of steamy scenes with ladies that he could draw with the usual James Bond charisma of previous Bond series. A lady (Eva) from the government treasury department was sent to assist him in the funds required for James’ next move, to participate in a private casino duel with top poker players. Stakes went to a high of US$150m and the guy he was trailing all the way to Bahamas was involved too. Somehow, as all gambling movies do, the hero will the final duel. James was cheated of his winnings (where he was to deposit back into the government account) by his lady assistant who was part of the bad guy’s team.

Towards the end, James was in Venice and had to pursue the bad guy to retrieve his money stolen from him by his lady assistant and the part where the building came tumbling down into the main river was a good take. Personally, I was very disappointed with this Bond show. For the first time (as far as I can recall from previous series), there was no gadgets introduced for Bond….all bare hands and guns. This Bond was portrayed as a very violent Bond who intend to kill the bad guy in the casino who almost caused Bond’s life. But I like his Aston Martin car a lot (the only thing in the movie which captured my eyes, not even the ladies in the movie). Click here to watch the movie trailer.



Blogger Random J said...

I still haven't gone to watch the film yet, "legally!" *lol*

I've never been much of a Bond fan and don't think I've ever been to the cinema to see any of them.

I'll do what I did with the others and wait for it to air on terrestrial television.

06 December, 2006 08:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

a british fella like u who doesn't go for bonds' film????

05 June, 2008 19:38  

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