Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year 2006

Things that you didn't know in the past 12 months - BBC News
But it makes no difference in my life even though I didn't know about it ..... hehehe

Lots of people will do the countdown at the night clubs, street parties, clubbing areas, hotels, restaurants.....many will be at their church masses, worship services reflecting back on God's provision and blessings or needing guidance for the year to come or asked why certain events happened. And I'm at the desert .....hahaha

Someone had asked me this question 'What's your new year resolution?". I responded "To be a better person". But the reply was 'It's so vague!'

As for me, this better person is so encompassing. It covers every single aspect of my life. Need to improve on many things in my life. I don't think that I have a few matters to look into only. Plenty of them. Just waiting for this project to complete now. To me, wherever I am, I'll leave it to God to take care of it but not to the point that I don't care at all.

For the coming year, I still have many dreams that I want to achieve. What are your dreams like?

In the world, there were sadness, defeats, demoralisation, betrayals, lies, wars and so forth......but there were triumphs, victories, joy, gladness, hope, dreams too ......... in spite of all this many people still have their dreams intact. I know of a group of people whose dreams are neverending. Is your dream strong enough to carry you through? Write your dreams on a piece of paper and put an achivable date beside it. It works and better still write down 100 of'll never know where God can bring you. Try it!

If you don't write it down, then it's just a flash in the comes and it goes. And a person without a dream won't be able to progress much in life....their life will stay stagnant or status quo. They will leave their daily life as it is and as the years before. Why change it when you are comfortable with your current life. That applies to your work too in whatever profession.

A good life is the enemy of a great life.
A man with a dream will not be denied.



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