Saturday, December 16, 2006

Luxury Perfumes

The most expensive perfume in the world, Imperial Majesty, comes at a royal US$215,000 (RM783,771) a bottle with crown granted by Queen Victoria. Could it be because the perfumer used rare flowers that can only be handpicked at certain times of the year, or precious oils from animals that are almost extinct?

All Clive Christian, a British designer-turned perfumer, did was to pour 16.9 ounces of his limited edition scent – No.1 – into a Baccarat crystal bottle and stick a five-carat diamond into the 18-carat gold collar.

This he unveiled at Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and three out of the five bottles released for sale were grabbed by collectors.
On a more affordable scale, Annick Goutal also sells Baccarat crystal perfume bottles filled with selected scents. At RM5,500 (US$1,528) a pop, Annick Goutal “Songes” comes at a fraction of the price of Imperial Majesty. And you only have to share ownership of this handcrafted, hand-blown piece of crystal with 149 other people.
It would be rather nice to own a Baccarat bottle but if you don’t have extra cash lying around, you can always settle for the hand painted “Songes” moon bottle or “Mandragore” butterfly bottle. These are sold at RM1,400 (US$389) each and only a limited number are available (350 pieces) as they’re individually hand-painted. It takes around three to six hours to painstakingly colour each bottle with acrylic paint. (source: The Star)



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