Sunday, December 31, 2006

Where to Wash a Luxury Car

How much would you pay for a car wash? A company called Miracle Detail may be one of the most expensive car washes in the world. It costs £5,000 (US$9,198) for his Pinnacle car wash. It's the service Rod Stewart uses to polish up his Ferrari Enzo (left pic).

The 61-step process includes multiple washes, pampering with gentle towels and even the use of a depth gauge that lets the owner, Paul Dalton, measure the paint thickness so he can smooth out the scratches without messing up the finish. He waxes with a special kind of Zymöl wax that costs £7,000 a tube and Dalton keeps in a safe in his fridge. It is made with 73% carnauba wax from the Brazilian rainforest and just a few tablespoons work on the whole car. His website has a photo gallery full of the super glossy results.
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