Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Paintball - World Cup Asia 2006

Some 90 teams made their mark as they fired their best shots in the World Cup Asia 2006 held at the Xtion Paintball Park Bukit Jalil from 8 to 10 Dec 2006. The inaugural event was recognised by international paintball bodies as the biggest paintball event in Asia. This event is part of the Paintball Asia League Series ("PALS") where teams vie to win the coveted title of World Cup Asia champions.

The World Cup Asia 2006 is organised by Xtion Paintball, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Tourism, and in association with the Paintball-Asia League Series, Millenium Series, Paintball Sports Promotions and the United Paintball Federation.

Iranian team Datis rejoicing over their win in Division 1 as well as being overall champion of PALS. Team rankings are available
here. Picture was sourced from Paintballstar. (source: The Star)



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