Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada - movie review

The Devils Wears Prada – starring Meryl Streep & Anne Hathaway. About this much feared lady boss of a fashion magazine called Runaway. Her staff tends to avoid her as much as possible due to her temper & strictness. She doesn't care about her staff's morale, life, problems or hardships. She doesn't listen to their explanations or accept the word "No". A new assistance, Anne, came for an interview and got the job immediately. People in the same industry who met/bumped into her told her “people will die to get this job”. The boss, Meryl, really gave a good performance as a much hated boss in the office and her belittling attitude really has a heavy toll on the staff morale. Anne almost quit her job as she can’t stand it too. But as time passes by, she managed to get hold of her job and impressed her boss. She got to attend to matters deemed important by her boss.

Comes a time when she has to choose between her private life with her boyfriend/friends and time spent in her work. I think this affects many of us working folks in the whole world. If you are an employee, you would be able to relate to this movie a lot and feel for Anne’s predicament. A highly recommended movie as it managed to depict the life of many people. Watch the movie to see which direction Anne chooses.
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