Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oil Plant Visit

This is where our temporary offices and temporary accommodation are located. All these temporary facilities will be removed upon completion of the oil plant which is in the background. This is one of the most important piece in the oil processing plant, it's the Fire Water Tank where its pipings are in red colour.
This was taken below pipe rack where it holds a number of oil pipes. At the end of the pipe rack is the connected to the export pipeline to be pumped up to Port Sudan for export purposes.
This is an emergency shower/washing area in case of any exposure to chemicals or oil during course of work. Not supposed to have such situation but it's built to attend to emergencies only.
The white coloured cabins at the far end is where my office/accomodation are located (refer to the 1st pic)
Part of the oil processing plant
The crude oil tanks
At the far end (blur vision) are the main operating base camp (blue colour) where eventually the owner of the plant will house their accommodation, offices, recreation, mosque & restaurant etc
This is our lunch taken at the restaurant located at the operation base camp
This is not an explosion of the plant but was trying to take a night view of the plant. As the road was very bumpy, this was the end result.....hehehe



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