Friday, December 22, 2006

DOA: Dear Or Alive - movie review

DOA: Dead Or Alive - starring Natassia Malthe, Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, Brian J. White & Holly Valance. The show started with 3 girls, one princess wanting out from her clan of warriors to look for her lost brother, another one was sun bathing but kicked the butts of pirates from hijacking her yacht. Lastly, this pretty lass (Christie is the character's name which I admire her beauty a lot) was an assasin and professional thief. While escaping from their various challenges, a flying DOA metal piece came right before their eyes. Apparently they were invited to a martial arts competition organised by a syndicate.

Around a dozen of them were brought to an island to fight it off and a US$10M winning purse awaits them. It's just like the famous Streetfighter video arcade game where 2 will fight and the loser will leave the competition. The competition came to standstill when the 3 main girls and the princess' protector/bodyguard qualified for the last 4. While the pro thief plots to steal the winning purse, the princess suspectd that her brother was kept as prisoner on the island too.

The whole movie is filled with superb martial arts and kung fu skills. I admire such skills. Without a doubt, Christie's beauty too. The owner of the syndicate was actually planning to master his martial art skills too, not by learning it but through unorthodox way. Plenty of actions throughout the movie. No boring scenes.
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