Monday, December 25, 2006

The Skeleton Key / Flightplan - movie review

The Skeleton Key - starring Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt & Peter Sarsgaard. A private hospital nurse, Kate Hudson, was disillusioned with the hospital's policy in caring for the patients. Thus, she quite to take up a private nurse post with an old couple living at south USA. The husband is deaf/dumb/wheelchair bound. The wife's old age is taking a toll in taking care of the husband. The nurse was handed a master key that could open any doors in the 3 storey mansion that will ease her movement.

While staying there, she went up to the attic against the advise of the old lady. She various old pictures of a couple of african housekeepers for the previous white owners. After pressuring the old lady on who they, it was found that both the housekeepers were killed, due to practising black magic, right in front of the house. The old lady believes that the housekeepers stay in the attic all these years.

The nurse's senses spurred her to check further and later obtained simple witchcraft methods to heal the old hubby and just the old hubby could warn her, the old lady found out and was furious with her doings. The movie is excellent with full suspense/thriller. Must watch the movie with loud surround sound to beef up the heart beats. It's not classified as a horror movie but good exercise for your blood circulation in a short span of time.

Flightplan (excellent website) - starring Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean & Kate Beahan. Jodie together with her 6 yrs old daugther were devastated with the death of her husband while overseas. They brought the body back to USA via a tran-atlantic flight and tried to ease her daugther with a good rest at the back seats which were empty. Upon waking up later, she found her daugther has wandered off. She went around looking for her and got the stewardess to page for passengers' lookout too.

The captain of the plane later came to assist but Jodie's frantic search is to no avail. Later, the captain and his crew found that there was no young girl by that name that has boarded the plane and found that Jodie has taken some anxiety pills coupled with the need to handle the husband's death. Her emotions somehow affected all the passengers and was guarded & kept quiet by an air marshall.

A mother's love is always very strong and it pushes her beyond her limits just to find the daugther. She was an airplane designer and just knew where to squeeze through to escape the air marshall and cause pandemonium in the airplane when she cut off the cabin lightings. In the process of it, the air marshall has to act to before something bad happens. Her impulse led her to the daugther but it also cause a misunderstanding that made the plane landed on emergency basis where a bomb was said to be planted. Excellent movie due to Jodie's outstanding character. Another heart pounding and you'll be wondering what actually happened to her daugther, was it just an illusion painted by Jodie when she has her daugther with her in the plane. Well recommended.
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