Sunday, July 22, 2007

Arrival of Mega Stars in LA

With David Beckham and Victoria Adams appearing in Los Angeles owing to David's football career with his new team, Los Angeles Galaxy, it has turned Los Angeles into a paparazzi gathering once again.

His wife was also known as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls' team may well enjoy the publicity that she's getting now. Looks like Spice Girls would be launching a world tour again.
W Magazine has paid an undisclosed amount just to get the couple to pose in their August 2007's issue. Considered as new American Idols by now?
Even in yesterday's friendly football between LA Galaxy and Chelsea, where Chelsea won 1-0, David's 2nd half appearance was the main highlight.

And the following superstars (that were sighted) appeared at the LA Galaxy's football stadium trying to understand the frenzy being caused by David - Eva Longoria / Katie Holmes / Jennifer Love Hewitt / Drew Carey / Brian Grazer / Arnold Shwarzenegger / John Hurt / Ray Winstone. Some were said to be watching their first football/soccer match in their life.



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