Friday, July 06, 2007

Killing of 10 Lions

Animal lovers, where are you? The world is already faced with many endangered species that are disappearing due to poachings, environment, destroyed habitats and climate change. And yet, 10 lions would be killed soon. Hopefully the International Organisation for Animal Protection can do something about it. Already the world is filled with weird animal, we don't need the originals to be extinct.

Reason was these 10 lions mauled a 10 year old boy to death..... but why kill those 10 lions when it was negligence caused by the farm workers. Congress of South African Trade Unions is looking forward to press charges against the farm owner actually as the farm owner should have taken precaution steps. The authorities are going for the wrong source then.....kill the lions???? Not looking at the root of the problem. Am I right to say that?

The unfortunate incident happened at the North West Province, South Africa.
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