Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Court Order Was Required to Kill a Bull

A bull, considered as sacred by a Hindu community, was ordered by London's Court of Appeal to be slaughtered. What caused a court to issue an order in order for a bull to be slaughtered?

The members of the Skanda Vale's Welsh Hindu temple's has vowed to save the bull's life with their own. I knew that cows/bulls are considered deities in India but quite surprised that the Hindu community in Wales itself was that pious too. An online petition has gathered about 10,000 signatures in a campaign to save Shambo.

The main reason for the sacred bull to be slaughtered was because the bull was tested positive with bovine tuberculosis. The Court of Appeal found it logical and justified to slaughtered due to health reason. But the temple worshippers are not giving up just yet. It seems that an appeal would be submitted to the highest court, the House of Lords, for a final verdict.

The Hindu Forum of Britain said slaughtering Shambo would be a "very gross affront to Hindus' beliefs". It's going to be a long legal process, it has gone through the Welsh Assembly, Cardiff's High Court and the London's Court of Appeal..... but if such situation was to happen in Malaysia, I really wonder how the case would have been handled ....
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