Wednesday, July 11, 2007

USA Town For Sale

Rich people tend to have a ranch or a large piece of land as their property, away from the noise or busy developments. And if you intend to control any land being developed without your knowledge or afraid that such development may affect your properties' prices, you can do so now.

A town in California is up for sale now and you will have full control of the town. Not a bad deal but any catch to it? You get to appoint your own sheriff?

Info on the town called Bridgeville:-
Current population: 30
Market value: US$1.3 million
Land area: 83 acres
Nature: Van Duzen River
Buildings on land: 8 houses, a post office and a cafe.

Previous owners:-
Bruce Krall, a banker, bought for US$700,000 at an eBay auction in 2002
Reason for sale: Couldn't afford the restoration costs

Daniel La Paille, an entertainment manager, bought for US$1.25 million in 2006 from Krall
Reason for sale: Committed suicide (maybe too much stress on the restoration also)

New owner: You?? If you are interested you have to bid for it via eBay's website. You should check how they present the town in the website. Starting bid - US$1.75 million.



Blogger ***cinDee*** said...

can pay down payment then later instalment? ehhe :)

11 July, 2007 21:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

HAHAHAHA.... but ebay is auctioning at one off .....

12 July, 2007 08:50  

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