Friday, July 27, 2007

Major Disaster

Firstly, diarrhoea struck right on early Thursday morning (close to 7am). Well, I didn't visit the toilet numerous times from 7am to 8am (latest time I need to leave house in order to reach office on time). Actually I stayed in the toilet from 7am to 8am. No chance to leave the toilet at all.

By the time I came out, I was so weak and the radar directed me straight to my bed again. Lied down there for maybe 20 minutes and the alarm bell rang again.............. oh man.....what a way to start my day. What did I eat the night before? What did I do?

I remembered me going for my first gym experience on Wednesday night (yeah, never joined a gym before). FYI, I have joined Impressive Fitness (5 mins walk from my condo). Passed my fitness test and went through 1 full round of the circuit trying out all the machines. Set my weights for each equipment with a trainer so that I know how much I should go for in my next visit.

Went home and ate some food (not home cooked) at home. After thinking back, definitely it was not the gym but the food that I ate. It was common food like rendang chicken, sambal prawn, some fried meehoon and got some home-cooked soup (proper one). Next thing I knew on Thursday morning was toilet visitation.

Then tried to log on to the internet at home. As the battery was waning out, I plug in the power cable. Didn't realise power was not connected properly and a warning window splased across my screen. HUUUUUUUUUUH???

No power supply? What happened? True enough, the power cable/adaptor has gone kaput. Before I can do anything further, might as well keep all. Went out to get some light breakfast at about 10am. Thought everything was over untiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil - good thing my toilet is clean. Visiting it was not a problem.

Well each toilet visit was greeted with stomach cramp (so I thought) until the doctor (paid a visit later) said it was the intestines that could not take the food poisoning effect any longer. Couldn't even sit up straight at times when the pain hits me during the toilet visits.

By afternoon, everything has cleared, no more food intake mean no output ...... yeah, will keep it that way. Only fluid. But I could hear a big typhoon storm in my stomach. You could have hear it if you were beside me.

Rested well in the afternoon after a strainous day. By evening, the storm had calmed down but with infrequent warning given out by the stomach.

By this morning, seems ok but looks like having an urge to visit only........ hehehe. Only get to post this while in office as I borrowed a power adaptor from another colleague while waiting for the IT Dept to get a new one for me. Hopefully by this evening otherwise will be boring weekend at home without the chance to blog.

Ahhhhhhhh, can go to gym if no power adaptor but I can't be in the gym the whole day then.
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Blogger Chin Y.Y. said...

hey.. u feeling better now i guess. anything 'challenging' as what hap penned to you today can happen...

take good care.

28 July, 2007 00:37  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

back to normal by fri nite

30 July, 2007 10:38  

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