Friday, July 20, 2007

Calling for Bounty Hunters

Yeah, as per the title, Bounty Hunters are required in China and if your stint is successful you can share your experience worldwide. Interested?

In Luoyang city, Henan province of China ....... bounty was set ....... for ........ DEAD FLIES!! Yeah, those pesky housefly flying around during your meals.... hehe

How much would you get per dead housefly? A bounty price of 0.5 yuan (approx. US$0.07) per dead fly turned in at the Xigong district office. Lucrative? But may not be that easy as it sounds. I should have taken those pictures when I was in Sudan. It was terrible scenario. Our fly traps, when left alone for 3 days, would have been full of those pesky insects.

So, before you start the hunt you may have to learn the art of catching it. There was this guy who has mastered the art of catching those pesky fellas ...... he's called the Fly Slayer.

The residents in the province wanted to know one thing - what was the government's plan in disposing those insects after buying in tons from the residents.
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