Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rastafarian Dog

What kind of dog is this? Just like a mop. Guarantee it will frighten the daylight out of the children....haha...maybe some adults too.

It's the Rastafarian breed.
One possible reason for this name could be linked to the word "dreadlock". It's just like the unique hairstyle.
If you read Rastafarian in Wikipedia, it will give more references of what Rastafarian is all about.

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Blogger gilda said...

haha, i've seen a dog like that before with my own eyes. it's really so interesting!!! i talked to the owner, and apparently when they are born, their fur isn't like that, but as they grow older it "dreadlocks" itself or something. totally amazing!

04 July, 2007 00:43  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yet to see one. wldn't have noticed it if it was lying down motionless (thinking it was a rug or mop) ...... hehehehe

04 July, 2007 13:45  
Blogger Johann The Dog said...

What a cute dog! Maybe he would be god at agility like me?


05 July, 2007 19:14  
Blogger Queen Goob said...

That is a puli.

26 September, 2008 03:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

johann - basically if they were trained well, they cld do anything

queen goob - there are more links to a puli dog than a rastafarian dog .... guessed u are correct but there are still website done for the rastafarian breed

26 September, 2008 17:14  

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