Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to Fix a Jammed HP Printer

Friends who knew I have a blog have contributed a lot to my postings on various subjects. For instance, instructions to fix a HP printer.

Firstly, shooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuut for H E L P ! ! !
Then call everyone in your office to ask whether they knew how to fix a jammed printer.
Being a nice guy, I would have offered my help if I was there. Definitely, there would be some ladies who wouldn't mind helping too.

BUT...... when the colleagues arrrived at her place.........almost everyone had second thoughts. It's not that the printer was beyond repair but.. but.. but.. a mouse got stucked in printer catridge.

Friend said "He's not dead but he's sure stuck. We do end up getting him out and letting him loose for those of you that are mouse lovers. How would you like to get to work and find this problem? LOL, it's NOT hilarious!"
I'm only thinking what if a lady colleague of mine had taken this catridge out and saw that tiny guy. That catridge would have been flung faaaaaaaaaar away and am real sure that it would break the national discus throwing record too.

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Anonymous jane said...

OMG the mousie is SOOOO cute!!! hahaha wonder how it got in there at the first place. never seen anything like this in my life. cool.

17 July, 2007 23:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

now u say it's cute but when u come face 2 face with it, it may be a different story.....hehe

19 July, 2007 00:36  

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