Saturday, July 07, 2007

Doctors in India Arrested

Malaysian top students fought, argued, criticised and demanded for places in the medical faculties of Malaysian universities. Few doctors have been arrested and questioned in United Kingdom and Australia respectively in relation to the intended bombing of Glasgow's airport recently.

To India now, an Indian couple who hails from Tamil Nadu, southern state of India and are medical doctors as well have gone cuckoo lately. In whatever fit that was going through their brilliant brains on 25 June, they actually allowed their 15 year old son, Dileepan Raj, to perform a caesaraen surgery on a 20 year old pregnant patient in their own clinic.

When I first read it, I was thinking how come they allowed him to do it. What sort of surgical experience he has? Never thought of blogging about it but when I read that the authorities were going after them, the thought of "Why they did boast to the world in the first place?"

EGO? Definitely! For ego's sake and a topic to boast to their friends/relatives/medical fraternity. They even gave a title for their son - the world's youngest surgeon! I'm very sure Guiness World of Records would not accept their request as anything illegally done would not be admitted. Guessed the parents didn't know about this term.

When the parents knew that the authorities were coming after them, the parents had decided to change their tone of voice. That the son was helping out due to insufficient medical staff? Even the video recording of that surgery purportedly done could not be found.

Pity this type of people who wanted to be famous sooooooooooooooooooo much. Indian Medical Association said they were against the surgery calling it "shocking and extremely unethical". The parents would face disqualification as well. They deserved it.

What's happening to the doctors lately?
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