Friday, July 13, 2007

Free Arms and Bullets from Police

"Free Arms and Bullets from Police" - this should be the title for the No proper records of arms and bullets taken from armoury as reported in The Star in relation to Altantuya Shariibuu's murder case.

Although there was a register for police personnel to record the outgoing and return of the arms and remaining bullets, police personnel tend to take it for granted. When the register was presented to the court to check on those arms taken by the suspects in the murder case, the court saw this incomplete records. One of the police in charge of the register claimed carelessness.

Waaaaaaaaah! So simple, just say "Oops, sorry my honour, it was my carelessness in not ensuring the register was properly recorded". And she gets away scot-free?? Maybe the arms and bullets were rented out to third parties?? hehehehe......yeah what, how can the Special Action Force armoury not keep proper order for arms/bullets under their care...... I know what, why not the gahmen contract it out to a private company.

What a waste of gahmen fund in increasing the police salaries.
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