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International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission's History
Founded in 1997, IJM began operations after a group of human rights professionals, lawyers and public officials launched an extensive study of the injustices witnessed by overseas missionaries and relief and development workers. This study, surveying more than 65 organizations and representing 40,000 overseas workers, uncovered an early unanimous awareness of abuses of power by police and other authorities in the communities where they served. Without the resources or expertise to confront the abuse and to bring rescue to the victims, these overseas workers required the assistance of trained public justice professionals.When the poor are hungry, homeless or alienated, the Church has come to their aid by providing food, shelter and missionaries to meet the pressing needs. But when the poor have been oppressed, treate unjustly and suffered under the hand of someone more powerful, little was done on their behalf.

Accordingly, IJM was established to help fill this void, acting as an organization that stands in the gap for victims when they are left without an advocate. IJM staff members (human rights experts, attorneys and law enforcement professionals) receive case referrals from, and work in conjunction with, other non-governmental organizations and casework alliances abroad.

Knew of a Malaysian blogger - Rachel Loo - who blogs under "The Good Life", a lawyer by profession, is also an Associate of International Justice Mission, which is based based in Washington DC. IJM has many christian lawyers, investigators and social workers who brings Good News about Injustice to a Hurting World.
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Blogger IJM Info said...

Thanks for writing about IJM! I wanted to tell you about a contest IJM is currently in the running for:

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For more information about the work of International Justice Mission go to

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