Saturday, July 14, 2007

Breathing in Polluted Air

I still do exercise regularly but did stop jogging due to the polluted air. People are still jogging around my housing area. Why did I stop? Upon reading "Air pollution holds risks for athletes who exercise outdoors - IHT", I fully agree with it.

Did hear from health concious people that we should jog right early in the morning. Oh no. I like to sleep a lot and waking up at 6am is definitely way too hard. Why can't we jog in the evening? They said that the dust or dirt would settling down and thus we would be breathing it in. Is the air fresher and cleaner in the wee hours of morning? Air pollution is one of the major concern.

Maybe that was the reason why there were so many fitness centres mushrooming in Kuala Lumpur. People tend to exercise indoor to lessen inhaling the polluted air. Received a call yesterday from California Fitness in Mid Valley that I could join them for a 14 days free trial. When should I start? There is always this thought of joining a gym but California Fitness is still a bit inconvenient. But somehow there is a bad report from a member within.

I have got choices as well in choosing a fitness centre. At my office building, there are Gold's Gym in Plaza Ampang and Clark Hatch in Crown Princess Hotel. A few of my colleagues would drop in for their gym routines at 7.30am before reporting at work by 8.30am. Some would go after work.

There is a gym room in my condo compound but the equipments are not sufficient/complete. Another fitness centre within walking distance from the condo, Impressive Fitness, looks quite impressive. Buy my own weights?

Really want to look fit. Meantime, only way of keeping fit is to swim regularly at the condo pool.
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