Monday, July 30, 2007

Awaiting Power Cable

Yeah.....still awaiting for the power cable. Logging in via another laptop where you won't believe the state of this laptop. Almost considered a scrap if I may call it that way. The screen's almost coming off, held on by just 4 screws only...... unbelievable but could still be used lah to post this at least.... hehe. And the best part, the sole USB port was not working, now how am I supposed to connect it to my external hard disk..........

Could be getting the new power cable by today/tomorrow ..... enjoyed my weekend with an Saturday afternoon meeting at church to discuss on the Christmas Dinner (to be held in church premise) and a Christmas Carnival (held elsewhere). More info on this soon.

At the same time, I'm working on the Christmas Drama 2007's script. Hopefully can finalise this by this week and get the whole drama cast members in order and start rehearsing their roles from then on. All blog readers are most welcome to see the drama which would be a 4 part series being acted out on 4 Sundays in December 2007.

Went for a wedding dinner at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie yesterday night. Known this guy for almost 20 years and a gang of us (some knew him for coming 30 years). All the best to him and his wife. His dad told us "he's way behind you guys".
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