Friday, July 20, 2007

US$660 Million Settlement for Sexual Abuse

A shocking US$660 million sum was decided as the settlement figure for the controversial sexual abuse case involving 508 individuals (plaintiffs) against the Los Angeles Roman Catholic diocese.

Apparently, those priests and members of Catholic orders, responsible for the sinful acts, may not be held accounted for it as the diocese would be the guilty party in the legal case. Wonder whether real justice was done.

Who's going to pay for that staggering US$660 million:-
- US$250 million would be paid by the archdiocese;
- US$227 million by insurers;
- US$60 million by religious orders whose priests and brothers are accused of perpetrating some of the abuse; and
- US$123 million from “other sources,” including religious orders “not yet participating” in the settlement.

But would the settlement soothe the victims' hearts? One of the victim attributed his alcoholism, aggression, depression and two broken marriages, in part, to the abuse and the years of suppressing the memories. It was not easy for the victims after all these years.

People really wondered how could so many religious persons at a single diocese could have committed such an act. The end time is really coming.
Reading: After Abuse Settlement, an Apology to Victims - New York Times

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