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Mandarin - Chinese Language

In Malaysia, we can read lots of issues involving the Chinese Language schools. It's always about lack of chinese language medium schools or insufficient fundings for such schools. Some of this schools are privately owned or a semi-government sponsored.

Opposition MPs will create a pandemonium in the parliament whenever such schools were overlooked in the annual budget or Ministry of Education's plannings. The present government would either keep quiet or state that they have done this or that in response to those outcry.

Not surprisingly, our previous invaders where we have gotten independence from i.e. Britain has embarked and acknowledge the strength and future of Mandarin, the Chinese Language. The same is happening in USA too where even primary schoolchildren are being exposed to the Chinese Language.

Just look at the statistics pertaining to the Chinese Language in Britain:-
* 27% rise this year in pupils sitting the version of the GCSE (SPM equivalent)
* 1st stage of the new Asset Languages qualifications system, where entries have gone up 900%
* few independent schools, among them Wellington College and Brighton College, have attracted headlines by making Chinese a compulsory subject for new entrants
* 400 state schools in the country where some Chinese is taught
* Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, which works closely with the government and represents more than 85 per cent of secondary schools, has signed an agreement with the Chinese government to bring teachers from China to help in British classrooms

United Kingdom could see the future and that's why they are a powerful country in terms of economics & financial. They see the needs and implement it fast enough wherelse in Malaysia the Chinese Language could be taken as a racial issue. See how backwards my country could be at times.

On 31 Aug, Malaysia would be celebrating its 50th year of independence. Are we just celebrating that we are free from British colonial rules OR should we look at how high can we achieve after all these years.
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