Friday, July 06, 2007

Putting Your Face on Stamps

Many people have the hobby of collecting First Day Covers ("FDC") locally and internationally. I did too when I was much younger and having the time to go through my stamp collections and I do subscribe for international FDCs from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Thought that was a unique collections besides collecting those really antique stamps of the yesteryears. You'll be amazed how much it's worth. I don't know how much I could sell off my collection but I'm pretty sure it could be a hefty sum.

Stamps on those FDCs would tell a story. But what about a stamp that could even print my own face onto it? That would be marvellous. More stories to tell.

It can be done now in Malaysia. A personalised stamp could have your face printed on it and you could use it as a normal postage stamp. Unique isn't it?
This unique service is opened to individuals and corporate bodies. Imagine you have your wedding photo printed on it and you use the stamps to mail out your wedding invitation cards. Or with you fully dressed up in your traditional costume printed on it so that you could paste those stamps on the festival celebration greeting cards.

Malaysia's national post office has started this new service called "Setemku Service" with the following packages at a minimum price of RM500:-
*Emerald package, you get 34 stamp sheets of 30 sen stamps each;
*Diamond package gives you 12 sheets of 30 sen stamps each and 13 sheets of 50 sen stamps each; and
*Ruby package gives you 20 sheetlets of 50 sen stamps each or 400 stamps.
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Blogger lasilasi said...

oh they have it in msia now =D
i blogged about that too (in australia) awhile ago hehe

06 July, 2007 22:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

m'sia a bit behind time at times even tho there are example set elsewhere.....

07 July, 2007 00:33  

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