Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Police or PM Need to Change Attitude?

After the Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights and Good Governance has held its forum in Johor Baru, the Deputy-General of Police Tan Sri Mohd Najib Abd Aziz, came out to say that "the fact that the police could solve 40% of all reported cases showed it was doing a good job. By Interpol standards, it is already considered good if a police force could solve 25% of all cases. We are close to doubling that”.

This was in response to Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who on Sunday said that police should accept criticisms levelled against the force by the public which were raised in the said Parliamentary Caucus. What a total letdown by the police force.

So folks out there, only 40% of your cases will be solved.....the rest will be investigated or a file will be opened but no guarantee it will garner any results.

What to do when Malaysia's Prime Minister himself sat on a submission since 29 June 2007. A 632-page report was submitted by former Party Keadilan Rakyat youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor about alleged wrongdoings of a senior Cabinet minister and this PM has said that he has yet to read it. The Best Part - the PM said "I DON'T KNOW" also.

My my my, a case involving a senior Cabinet minister and he's taking his own sweet time to read that. I would have jumped out of my seat hearing such a report which has been submitted. And when your big boss has this sort of attitude, you can't blame the police force (part of the civil servants) for not going all out in solving cases brought before the police.

You tell me!
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