Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another China Made Product Being Recalled

Yeah, seems that it's neverending with those Made in China stuff. Where are the quality controls? Who's supervising that? I would say those USA companies are partly liable for such happenings since the production of the toys were subcontracted to Chinese companies, the USA companies should have taken steps to verify the qualities of those goods.

You can't blame the Chinese companies directly. Putting the blame on them solely is so unfair even though they should have done their own quality controls.

Now, Toys "R" Us has to conduct this recall for their Imaginarium Wooden Coloring Cases where the printed ink on the packaging was said to be contaminated with excessive lead.

Excessive lead again? Not only that, even the black watercolor paints contained excessive lead.

How did it happen? Whom to blame? Who's involved? Who will bear the losses?

Let's see, Toys "R" Us has appointed Hong Kong based FPL Group, where their subsidiary Funtastic, had commissioned Danxiang International Trading based in Ningbo of China to do the production. Interesting!

Reading: Toys "R" Us Recalls Chinese Art Sets
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