Monday, September 17, 2007

Tsunami Warning!

I'm not issuing a tsunami warning and start calling for immediate evacuation at my condominium area but I was really bemused by the people in the state of Penang when a tsunami warning was issued by the police at the seaside, the same spot where tsunami waves hit the beaches taking away lifes unknowingly.

On 13 Sept, last Wednesday evening, I have blogged about the earthquake in Sumatera that shook my condo area. Right after that earthquake, tsunami warnings were issued to many countries that could be affected. Our Malaysian government tried their very best to issue the same warning via TV, radio and police went to the same beaches that were hit in the 2004 Tsunami immediately.

Shockingly after that police warning, many people stayed on and others made their way to Gurney Drive (the same spot that took away many lifes on 26 Dec 2004). Why? When interviewed, some said they want to see how a tsunami looks like.

Well, one thing for sure, that will be the first and last tsunami they will ever see in their life. Reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll numskulls. MALAYSIA BOLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I have read news reports that people in countries like Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka evacuated beaches in panic, running towards high lands, squeezing into packed buses leaving the cities, driving their family members away from seaside towns/cities (meaning next few minutes) upon hearing the tsunami warning issued by Indonesia which was thousands of miles away but the numskulls in Penang wanted to see it????????????

On another story, I was also shocked to read that the Malaysian government has just finalised the housing issues with the 2004 Tsunami victims (where they lost houses). These tsunami victims from an incident that had happened 3 years ago had just gotten their new house keys following disputes over pricing issue of the houses. Can you imagine that, depriving this group of people from a proper life for the last 3 years??????

Meantime, the same Malaysian government can extend an immediate helping hand to our neighbouring country, Indonesia, in view of the strong earthquake that strucked Sumatera on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. What fairness is the Malaysian government trying to potray over here? Please walk the talk.
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