Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Graft in Malaysia

Interesting article that I have found in Asia Sentinel where it published about graft involving Malaysia's Defence Ministry. Next thing that came to my mind was no matter how many types of planes, tanks or submarines we have bought, we have already lost out on the economics side of it e.g.:-
* exorbitant amount has been paid for stuff not in accordance with the specifications (for naval vessels)
* high commission had been paid to Malaysian companies who acted as third party negotiators for both buyer and seller where it involves tax payers money here.

US-based Foreign Policy in Focus and British group Campaign Against the Arms Trade have written that grafts happened frequently in Defence Ministry.

Best part is, the article published a list of armouries owned by both the Royal Malaysian Navy and Royal Malaysian Air Force. After reading the list, was shock to see our Air Force has numerous airplane models of different makes where pilots have to learn different control panels and different spare parts are required. Is it economical?

From this article, I could see purchasing of tanks had erupted into controversies too. My My! I really wonder if we ever go to war, will our armies be confused.
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