Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christmas Drama Being Organised

At last I was able to call for the Christmas Drama meeting last Sunday and split about 43 people into 5 drama teams to present 5 different dramas for the whole month of December 2007.

A drama team will present their drama for each of the Sunday with the last drama to be presented on Christmas Day itself. The dramas are not linked to each other, not like a series. I have actually finished 4 of the 5 scripts and trying my best to touch up on the final one.

I'm going to be busy from now onwards starting with one of the drama teams having their practise this coming Thursday night. Then 2 more on Saturday evening and another 1 on Sunday noon. The practise for the drama to be presented on Christmas Day will start as soon as the leading actors/actresses in each of the first 4 dramas have accustomed to their respective dramas first before calling for that Christmas Day drama in which I will be involved too. It's like pulling the best together. Not saying the rest are lousy, don't misquote me.

Thank God that 43 people have availed themselves for the Christmas dramas and managed to roped in a number of new faces. It would be easier to have more drama presentations in future with so many members now. I'm sure there would be lots of fun in all the practises as in previous years. More photos to come showing you those funny/gila moments......................

All the 5 dramas will incorporate some video scenes too where we will video shoot some scenes and play it in between the drama. At least it would not be mundane with live stage performance only. Video scenes are mostly a person's thought and it's like those cartoons that you have watched before, where their thoughts do have people moving here and there.......hehehe, something different lah. So, when this live actor is thinking of something, that won't be acted live but a video clip would be shown instead with all lightings blacked out.

Talking about lightings, I need to get 2 persons to be trained up for the new lightings that my church is going to invest in. Quite a hefty sum and must get non-itchy fingers fellas (cannot afford to damage those expensive lighting equipments). Haven't seen it yet, should be up by November.

Would be sitting down with a another church member who will be shooting/editing our videos. Will put up some photo/video teasers in the month of November to stir up people's interests and suspense too. Bloopers will be there too. Waaaaaaah, lots of interesting stuff coming up. All my blog readers are invited to watch all the 5 dramas in the month of December 2007.
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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

I already have enough drama at Christmas! Heheh!

Looking forward to your christmas play, and good luck!

26 September, 2007 11:47  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hahaha.... hopefully everything will go smoothly for u then

27 September, 2007 12:19  

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