Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ethiopia Celebrates the New Millenium

I thought it was bad enough in Sudan but somehow, Ethiopia beat them to it. Really backwards. Why? So, how do you expect them to think forward when their timing is out all the way. One of my colleague even quoted this "do they actually have a calender?".

Ethiopia is only celebrating the new millenium, Year 2000, today in their country. Main reason stated - owing to the use of the Coptic Orthodox Church calender. As they didn't celebrate the millenium 7 years ago, they are going to do it in great style today. The calculation in that calender is very confusing. Try reading it yourself here.

Out of respect, African leaders are attending the function. I wonder how will they greet/wish the Ethiopian leaders. Will you say "Happy Millenium" knowingly it's absurd?

As always the case, there will be some opposition to the government's plans. Some claimed that the money being used for the celebration should have been used wisely in developing better facilities or eradicate poverty. Can they beat Malaysia's estimated expenses of RM100.0 million (US$28.6 million) for the recent 50th Independence Day's celebration?
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