Thursday, September 20, 2007

Voodoo Could Download Movies????

USA will see a solution for movie buffs (I'm one of them) who has no time to go to the cinema to watch the latest movies. A tv set-top box called Vudu (weird name which is almost similar to voodoo - witchcraft related name.....eerie). Of all names.

The gadget which has a 250 gigabytes harddisk could allow you to download and store up to 100 movies at any one time. In USA, the charge per movie download could be around US$2 to US$4. That's so much cheaper in going for a movie at the cinema.

When we go for a movie, we pay for the car park, definitely will dabble into some meals beforehand, get the tickets, some titbits during the movie and then a drink after the movie. Altogether may cost a bomb and if you were to do it often, there will be a huge dent in your wallet/purse.

Only one setback if it was to be released in Malaysia. Our broadband service is tethered to a certain extent. Frequent disconnection or slow downloading speed may not favour this Vudi gadget which required dedicated DSL line.

While watching a downloaded movie, another movie could be downloaded at the same time and you could download movies from other Vudu users too. Not bad. I want it. Back in Sudan, I have been watching all movies (up to date) but since back in Kuala Lumpur, somehow I have lost time for it.

Reading: High Speed Video Store in the Living Room - New York Times
Reading: Vudu TV Set-Top Box: 5,000 movies, Instantly - Yahoo! Tech
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