Monday, September 17, 2007

Unity Band in Malaysia

Came across this project initiated by Malaysians in conjunction with Malaysia's 50th Independence Day. It's called the Unity Band. As stated in its website, the red colour represents the blood that flows in each of our veins and it's the same red colour blood for all Malaysians irregardless of their race, religion or colour of the skin.

(as extracted from Unity Band's website) The following are some of the benefits for the owners of the Unity Band O:-

1) Of the Unity Bands O in circulation, 50 bands have a Gold Heart on it. These exclusive bands are worth RM$5,050 CASH to anyone lucky enough to acquire one.

2) From October 2007, we will run a series of competitions with Astro to spot random UB wearers and award them a whole bunch of goodies. It may include fully paid holidays, mobile phones, shopping vouchers, concert tickets, cinema vouchers, a Ferrari 360 Modena ( ok just kidding about the last one!), etc, etc.

3) Registered UB owners are eligible to participate in various online competitions including photographs, short videos, design, music etc.

4) Two lucky draws featuring attractive prizes will be held for registered Unity Band O owners. Dates and further details will be announced soon.

5) Six major events will take place over the next 12 months entitling registered owners of the Unity Band O special privileges at these events.

6) Finally when the UBs are available for retail to the public, we hope to bundle a whole bunch of freebies. Can’t announce all now la.. Hang in there, will be worth your time!

A very noble project and I really hope that all human race will understand and take heart of the charities that the project intends to assist. Importantly, it was put up by Malaysians. Read more about the Unity Band 0 project in their website.

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