Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ninjas Caused Chaos in Congo

Just when the issue of a Ninja causing chaos at a Shaolin Temple has calmed down, another group of Ninjas has caused chaos in Brazzaville, capital city of Congo.

This group of Ninjas has even formed a political party in Congo.

But the leader, Pasteur Ntumi, was not a former Ninja martial arts exponent but a Congo rebel instead. They somehow chose the word "Ninja" to represent their group.

Pasteur Ntumi was supposed to take up the position of a Junior Minister responsible for Peace and Disarmament in the Congo government but unforeseen circumstances caused a detour for his trip. Pasteur Ntumi wanted to ride into the city with 300 of his bodyguards where initially only 30 of them were allowed. The citizens are now worried that Pasteur Ntumi may force himself into he city.
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Blogger J said...

Wow! You mean to say ninjas are real!? Actual ninjas!?

13 September, 2007 05:59  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hahahhaha, they must be die hard ninja fans

13 September, 2007 10:37  

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