Thursday, September 13, 2007

Morning Earthquake Again!!!!!

When will it stop? I'm off from work today and thought I could have a good rest. Just as I was reading the newspaper at around 7.45am, I felt the paper moving. I quickly took a look at my wind chime hanging nearby and trueeeeeeeeeeeeeee enough again..... it was swaying.

As I walked towards my mom's room, I also noticed a mirror hanging along the corridor was swaying as well. Got my mom to wake up and we ran downstairs, with all the neighbours too...hehehe.

What a way to start your morning. Stayed downstairs for a while, chit chat with neighbours (not on the earthquake) and went back up after 20 minutes.

I did tell my family to get themselves prepared for those aftershocks since it was a strong earthquake in Indonesia yesterday evening. So, I did place my wallet, watch, car key, mobile and house keys in one spot. It was a fast grab just now. Immediate evacuation.

Now, some friends did ask us before. Why do we need to run down knowing it was usually caused by Indonesian earthquakes and not due to earth movement on our piece of land. Well, to me it's safer and I won't take it for granted. It's only inconvenience but at least I'm sure that we are safe. One thing I can say - I have 'earthquake' experiences many times now.

Came online to confirm whether it was an Indonesian earthquake again and bingo! another one hit Sumatera this morning at a Richter Scale of 7.7. Not long after that, I received a SMS message from my colleague that they have evacuated the office building too.

Well, at least I'm better off than my Indonesian counterparts who had been experiencing frequest earthquakes. Pity them. Can feel for them.
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Anonymous keeyit said...

The mirror hanging along the corridor was swaying ? ! :O

But, I do not feel anything in KL.

13 September, 2007 13:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

maybe my area is just above the same fault line as in padang of indonesia

14 September, 2007 10:27  

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