Friday, September 07, 2007

Kenyan Bloggers

African nations have lots of issues at times that may not be known by the general public. Earlier, I have blogged about a few well-known Nigerian bloggers, where Nigerians have also taken the stance to blog about happenings within their country. In order for the general public to get their hands onto such blog news, Africans may just have to go online to obtain the news. This contributed to the growth of blogs and particularly in Kenya, number of bloggers have grown tremendously.

Daudi Were, - stated that Kenyan youth are reading more from the internet. Another socio-political blogger on the way up.

Ory Okolloh, - stated that most area in Kenya were not well equipped to access the internet. Ory's blog is like those socio-political blogs where it provides wider discussion on existing/new goverment rulings.

An anonymous blogger based in Nairobi, Kenya, - is looking at the way the members of parliament are giving themselves a huge bonus with the country's economy in much doubt.
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Anonymous Barrett Laurie said...

Interesting! Great post! I have checked out the first blog you listed! I look forward to checking out the others! Very good post! Keep up the great work Johnny! I hope this finds you well!

08 September, 2007 11:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

thks barrett, for the encouragement

08 September, 2007 15:43  

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