Monday, September 03, 2007

Lung Condition: To Save It or Not?

Terrible picture I'm putting in here......yucks!!! On the left, is the condition of my lungs BUT on the right hand side is the condition of a diseased lung.

A diseased lung is usually due to smoking of cigarettes. Though we can't see the lungs with our own eyes, the picture below showed two dried up lungs for comparison sake.
When I was in school, a small number of schoolmates were already smoking. I was not thinking about it as I was actively involved in sports, be it athletics, basketball, football and swimming. All this required endurance. Partly also owing to my 'want-to-win' attitude. Or you can say 'cannot afford to lose'..... hehehe

I could see that those who were involved in sports didn't do well in their games due to their habits. From those days, I knew it was not good for my health. As of today, I'm still playing football. Thank God for that.

The Department of Health in UK has embarked on this picture images campaign to drive the message across to the general public on the danger of smoking. To my friends who are reading this posting, I'm not condemning or excommunicating you but as an advice for the sake of your health.
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Anonymous jane said...

it looks like some BBQ pork internal organ wahaha, yumm. got so black or nottt ohhh. smoke stinks.

03 September, 2007 19:17  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

its a dried up real thing

04 September, 2007 16:45  

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