Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mattel is Bleeding Away

Call it bad luck, call it bad control, call whatever but Mattel is not smiling at all.

The situation is again the same. Mattel and Fisher-Price have gotten 2 contract vendors to do the work and this 2 companies subcontracted the jobs to China based manufacturing companies which didn't meet with the standards at all. That also took a number of months to detect. The toys, if it had been bought / played by the children, would have affected children across the world by now. With that, another batch of recalling again. This time, 8.5m toys. More to come???

Barbie-branded toys. The specific affected parts include:-
* Dream Puppy House – orange on miniature dog
* Dream Kitty Condo – brown on miniature cat
* Table & Chairs Kitchen Playset – yellow food on two dinner plates, brown on miniature dog, yellow and orange on potato chip bowl, orange on salad bowl
* Bathtub & Toilet Playset – brown on miniature cat
* Desk & Chair Bedroom Playset – brown on miniature dog
* Living Room Playset (deluxe) – brown on miniature cat
* Living Room Playset (premium) – yellow flower on purse

Fisher-Price toys recalled are two Fisher-Price GEOTRAX toys and one "It's a Big Big World" toy. Fisher-Price toys with specific parts affected include:-
* GEOTRAX Rail & Road System Freightway Transport – yellow headlights on train car and miniature ladder
* GEOTRAX Special Track Pack – yellow headlights on train car and miniature ladder
* "It's a Big Big World" 6-in-1 Bongo Band – painted decal on top of clear plastic on drum
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