Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shaolin Temple Monks vs. Japanese Ninjas

Ever seen a movie that shows duels between Shaolin Temple Monks against the Japanese Ninjas? I did but I can't remember the name of the shows.

I wonder whether the Ninjas had been deployed into China when Japan was attacking China during the World War II.

And whether the Shaolin Temple Monks were called to defend their country. Shaolin Temple did organise a World Kungfu Master championship last year to find the best of the bests. Maybe it was to pick someone to challenge exponents from other martial arts schools????

Which of the two factions will win if both parties were to fight?

Lately, news came about that a Japanese Ninja travelled to China to challenge the Shaolin Temple Monks at their home ground. It seems that the Ninja came out unbeaten in the unarmed duel. So who won? Was it to decide whose martial art skills were much more superior?

Reading: China kung fu monks seek apology for ninja affront
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