Friday, September 21, 2007

Jose Mourinho is Gone

Wondering how are Chelsea fans feeling right now after enjoying 3 years of good football.

With their flamboyant manager, Jose Mourinho, leaving Chelsea abruptly it may dampen the motivation level amongst the players. I'm really looking to this coming weekend's match between Man Utd and Chelsea. What will Avram Grant implement with him being put in charge of the team temporary.

Jose issued a statement yesterday in view of his departure from Chelsea. If you read the statement, you will note that he didn't thank Roman Abramovich or even the management. He did mention that he was proud with his work at Chelsea.

He thanked the club supporters and players and most incredibly, his children's school teachers. What has the school teachers got to do with Chelsea???

Chelsea, Chelsea........... I sms'ed' a friend of mine, die hard Chelsea fan - "My condolence, Jose Mourinho has been sacked" early yesterday morning. Till now, no response from him ..... hehe

One of Malaysia's best football pundits, Serbegeth Singh aka Shebby, still dare to predict that Chelsea will beat Man Utd at Old Trafford this weekend. Let's see.
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