Saturday, September 29, 2007

Start of Christmas Drama Practise

On Thursday night, it was the beginning of the Christmas drama practise. This team is mainly showing a Young Man's life who has just graduated from overseas university and was glad to meet up with his close friends while getting pressured from a quite materialistic girlfriend. He was gung-ho about his new job but got paired up with a snaky senior employee.

This team read through their script and tried to understand each other's role and character. This team comprise people from various background like a lawyer and an executive director of a airfreight forwarding company and I was glad that they were there even on a weekday night. It could have been more relaxed at home but their love for God is greater. (hmmm do they know that this picture would appear in the blogosphere???)

Just halfway through the practise, I received a SMS message from a colleague of mine based in Sudan. A note for me that I was required back there, my so-called second home (after being based there for 2 years plus). Oh noooooooooooooooooooooo .....................

My babies are about to be given birth ................... not real life biological babies but my 5 scripts. Painstakingly wrote it and I thought I could see this Christmas project in December. The moment I read that SMS message, I lost my mood immediately. Got lost in reading the script even though it was right in front of me. It really did disturb me there and then.

It's not that there were no capable persons that could take over but I felt that responsibility since it was me who gave the idea and wrote those scripts too. The fact was I wanted to see the end result of it also. Meantime, I would be bringing what I have in mind for the drama to Sudan with me leaving the 5 teams to strive it out ....................... sigh ...................... how to transfer my mind to them??

I was feeling not well too on Thursday afternoon in office and true enough, I felt warm when I got back home after practise. On Friday morning, my whole body was aching and fever with migraine had set in by then. Slept till 11am, crawled out to call office and had to find food to take medicine.

Nice day to sleep/rest and only managed to see doctor by 3pm plus. It was too hot outside (actually nothing compared to Sudan) but because I was not feeling well. Came back home and had simple meal for dinner. The worse thing is ................ I left my medicine at the clinic. What's wrong with me? Drove out to get my medicine later in the night and the nurse said she wanted to contact me. Wanted??????????? Should have called me when I was walking out of the clinic.

I feel much better now. Hopefully I'm getting back to normal. Maybe because I didn't blog hehehe. 2 more Christmas drama teams are having their practises tomorrow afternoon, more pictures also.
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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Oh, man! I know the feeling - I sometimes get sent out to customer sites as well - though not for two YEARS! Sheesh! And certainly not overseas!

Hope you feel better.

29 September, 2007 12:38  
Anonymous jane said...

i always buy things, get back my change from the cashier and walk straight out of the shop without anything. alamak! anyway, get well soon!

29 September, 2007 22:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

what to do, i'm just an employee but that word came in at the wrong timing which caused my heart to be broken into pieces.

and maybe bcuz i'm a sanguine fella, missing this and forgetting that is part of my life..... how could forget to take that medicine and only realised it when i need to take it after meal

30 September, 2007 01:55  

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