Saturday, September 08, 2007

UK Government Sued By Hindus in Malaysia

Did our Malaysian newspapers pick up this piece of news? A UK newspaper publication somehow got news of a new suit being filed at the British Royal Courts of Justice last month in a case related to alleged atrocities in Malaysia.......

Read here on the news extracted from Eastern Eye:-
HINDUS in Malaysia are taking the British Government to court for years of alleged atrocities.

P Waytha Moorthy is a solicitor based in Kuala Lumpur who filed a public interest litigation (PIL) at the Royal Courts of Justice in London last week (30). He now has three months to serve a notice to the Foreign Office for damages worth over £1 million for each of the country’s two million Hindus.

His move has been supported by Britain-based Hindu Human Rights (HHR), which organised a protest outside the Malaysian High Commission in London on Friday (31) to mark the country’s 50th year of independence from the British.

Mr Moorthy told Eastern Eye: “Ma­laysia supposedly became indepen­dent 50 years ago but the Hindus of the country have never experien­ced independence. They are denied the right to practice their religion, their temples are desecrated, they are forcibly converted and are subjected to unbelievable atrocities.

“The British Government must take responsibility for their treatment as these Hindus were brought into Malaysia forcibly as indentured labour during the British Raj in India. Before independence was declared for Malaysia, the British Government assured that the peculiar position of the Indians would be protected.

“But that never translated into action, which is why on the eve of this anniversary we have decided to file this case.”

The PIL is also demanding that the Malaysian Constitution be declared null and void, all Hindus be granted British citizenship and the Malaysian government be referred to the international court of justice and the international criminal court at The Hague for human rights violations against minority Indians.

HHR spokesman Arjun Malik added: “Already subject to heavy discrimination in employment, study and general walks of life, Hindus in Malaysia have begun to suffer in more specific ways. Hindu temples are destroyed and desecrated regularly with the full backing of the government.

“Hindus are denied the right to follow their own faith, and even in death, denied the right to a decent Hindu funeral. Forced into the economic and social margins, Hindus have become the prime victims of religious and racial hatred, which few commentators and human rights organisations even bother reporting on. This petition and our protest is aimed at drawing attention to their plight."


If this case sided with the Hindus in Malaysia, we will see an additional 2,000,000 new millionaires in Malaysia......... not bad, good for the economy too.....hehehe

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